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Dangerous! is a simple tabletop role-playing game in just 2 pages of rules. The game is designed with short "one-shot" RPGs in mind and focuses on cinematic action and high adventure.

To play, you need pens and paper, some regular six-sided dice and some small tokens to keep track of things (poker chips or matchsticks are great but anything will do).

In the pdf, you will find

  • Breezy character creation based on natural language: no numerical attributes
  • A simple, innovative dice resolution system perfect for creating tension
  • Rules for gaining and spending Adrenaline, which rewards dangerous escapades
  • Fast and simple, player-facing combat.

You will NOT find weapons tables, monster stat blocks or very detailed rules about anything, because Dangerous! is not really that type of a game. It is made for fast furious narrative fun. Also, you can fold it and fit it in your wallet. 

While adding danger to your tabletop, Dangerous! aims to make the real world safer and better. Any profits generated by the game in 2022 will be donated to charity (more information on the Storm Glass Studio's main page).


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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